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Taking audio branding to the next level 

We are not your regular audio branding company. We take audio branding to the next level with our superb artistic quality, our unique AI driven adaptive audio player, and a unique music communication model to create precisely the right brand experience for your brand.

Unified communication

Just like you have a fixed set of colors, fonts, patterns and a logo for your visual brand, we create a unified sonic universe and audio DNA that resonates through all touchpoints and communication. A solid audio brand is a powerful strategic tool that has the potential to instantly connect with customers on an emotional level and affect customer behaviour. To create a truly holistic brand experience audio branding is vital.

Times are changing

With a booming increase in the use of the audio medium, (home automation, smart speakers,  podcasts, audio books – you name it) branding in the audio world is about to become significantly more important. It is essential for a company to be heard, identified and correctly communicated to the costumer. With a unique audio brand you will ensure to stick out and reach the customer in a personalized and receptive space.

“..As voice gets more popular, branding in the audio world is about to become significantly more important. Over the next decade or two, what your brand sounds like is actually going to be an unbelievably crucial variable of success in a world that will be driven primarily by two things: voice and brand.”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Straight to the heart

There is no greater medium to connect to people on an emotional level than music. Deliver your message straight to the customers heart in split seconds and affect customer behaviour on a truly emotional level.  With a consistent audio brand you will automatically create familiarity with the costumer, and thus gain trust in the brand. With branded music and sound, you also have the ability to repeat your message more.


Our process


  • Core Values
  • Target Group 
  • Brand message


  • Translate to audio dimension
  • Establish musical attributes
  • Create company’s sonic DNA

Brand Catalogue

  • Define audio use 
  • Create brand catalogue 
  • Maintain and update

Cuebricks PLAY

We have developed a first of its kind AI driven adaptive audio player, that brings adaptive music, that today only exists in the gaming world, into the real world. With this the possibilities are endless. You can now create an audio branded universe in any physical space, e.g. in your retail store and affect customer behavior in real time.

This software will change the way we use audio branding in both online and offline environments and will bring a whole new arsenal of possibilities to audio branding in the future.



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